Point repairs for pipes consist of two methods. The traditional method being to excavate and replace the bad section of pipe, and then backfill the hole. The cleaner, easier method is Trenchless Point Repair (TPR). With TPR, the pipe is first cleaned and repaired internally using a sectional repair kit. Structural fiberglass is impregnated with resin and then pulled into place using a pnuematic packer to transport the repair. The packer is then inflated, which positions the repair securely in place and allows it to cure with ambient temperatures. The process takes approximately 1-2 hours to complete depending on conditions, and location.  Packers have internal bypass holes so bypass pumping is usually not needed. Even when the repair is performed under flow conditions, it can be made without disrupting traffic or day to day operations. Mainline sewer or storm drains are perfect candidates for this process, along with many other types of underground piping. TPRs can, and will, save you time, money, and aggravation from disruption of traffic, replacement of infrastructure, and clean up. Up to a 50% reduction in cost is common for those who go the route of Trenchless Point Repair, in addition to receiving a 50 year factory-backed and documented warranty. 

Common Applications

-Pipes sized from 6-48" regularly, with larger capabilities

-Cracked or fractured pipes

-Offset joints

-Separated joints

-Missing sections of pipe


-Trenchless/structural repair (no mess)No bypass needed

-Fast and efficient

-Resistant to corrosion, chemicals, and other environmental factors

-Eliminates future water infiltration, root intrusion, and exfiltration

-Meets or exceeds ASTM F1216, NSF, ICC FS-PMG standards

-50 year warranty

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